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Size: 100 x 285 cm

Made of cotton and wool.

Vintage and handmade in Morocco this fun runner is perfect for a bedroom or to brighten up your living room.

Every rug is unique.

Due to the vintage and handmade nature of each piece could be small repairs or markings that show the character of the carpet.

More about Boucherouite Carpet:

Early 20th century, women here started to create a new type of rug which they did not weave from wool. It is also popularly known as the Moroccan boucherouite rug. Besides being trendy, it is quite stylish, and you can use it as an indoor carpet at home for more practical use.

 These carpets are slowly becoming favorite for several people as many advantages come from using it. Here are few things that you might not know about these rugs,

The Real Meaning: In Moroccan, a boucherouite means merely a used clothing or in other words scrap. Instead of using wool to weave the rugs, women in Morocco started to use yarn rugs from recycled carpets. They also use recycled wool, cotton as well as lurex and nylon. They also use plastic from grain shipping bags as well as packaging material to create this beautiful rug.

These women follow the freestyle to stitch these carpets, and the pattern is usually asymmetrical. These rugs look extravagant as a result of this. The most significant thing about the whole thing is the color of these scraps seems vibrant and bright. You can never get this kind of color when you use vegetable dye.

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