Plant Stand - Mellow Nu

Plant Stand - Mellow Nu


Buy our stand plant, invite green fellow and make your own home jungle full of joy!

Nu is our smallest companion , only for exceptional specimens of your home jungle. Perfectly fit in the space of your desk , shelves , window sill . When will be sad it will cheer you when you will run out of and you lack the motivation it provide a positive kick of energy. We no longer know whether we describe our stand or green friend , whom you actually place it !

Our plant stands are hand made products made from 6 mm powder steel. Powder coated provides the highest quality protective coating , scratch-resistant and external factors .

In Nu you put pot inside the circle. Stable and lightweight design makes the stand plant can be easly moved.

Weight load | 2 kilos

Height |180 mm

Top ring | 120 mm diameter

Width | 110 mm

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