Plant Stand -Mellow Neo

Plant Stand -Mellow Neo


Buy our stand plant, invite green fellow and make your own home jungle full of joy!

Neo is a classic of the genre. Soaring like the Empire State Building , as delicate as the Cleopatra’s skin after bathing in milk. The minimalist design perfectly blends with contemporary interiors becoming their decoration and valuable specimen in the collection of every fan design.

Our plant stands are hand made products made from 6 mm powder steel. Powder coated provides the highest quality protective coating, scratch-resistant and external factors.

In Neo you put the pot inside the circle. Stable and lightweight design makes the plant stand can be easily moved.  In addition, you can use Neo as a pedestal for greenbells or vases.

Weight load | 6 kilos

Height | 700 mm

Top ring | 180 mm diameter

Width | 240 mm

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