Ceramic Mug Pink Porcelain gold inside big MOBIUS mug

Ceramic Mug Pink Porcelain gold inside big MOBIUS mug


Get twisted with this pink and porcelain big mug from ENDE ceramics. Handmade in meticulous detail, the cup is tall and smooth while the "mobius strip" inspired handle seemingly has a mind of its own. This geometrically inspired coffee mug is a stylish way to enjoy your favorite beverage. Created from the finest quality porcelain combined with quality craftsmanship, the effect is brilliant to say the least. This trendy porcelain coffee mug is the ideal vessel for holding food items as well, such as a bowl of ramen noodles or even soup. You'll find yourself reaching for it at the start and end of every day. This is a limited edition ENDE ceramics original design. Order now to guarantee availability.
Matte outside. Inside covered with real 24k gold.

Materials: English porcelain Bone China with pink pigment. We prepare it ourselves based on our own recipe.

Dimensions: Height: 4.3x3.5inches (11x9cm)
it holds about 11.8 oz (350ml)
Fired in high temperature 2220 Fahrenheit (1220 Celcius)

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