Modern Japanese Door Curtain (Noren)

Modern Japanese Door Curtain (Noren)


Modern Japanese door curtain (Noren)

Noren (暖簾) are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. They usually have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to nearly the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing. Noren are rectangular and come in many different materials, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Beautiful tropical theme door curtain  
It will make you feel like vacation at home everyday
Never enough to have more green at home
Give you good mood all day :)

Mixed cotton and linen fabric - very comfortable to the touch
Fabric Size : 85 cm x 90 cm  
Turn the extension rod, adjust the length to suit the door frame (you can adjust from 60 cm to 110 cm)

Wash them separately 30 degree hand wash/sensitive mode in the washing machine
Do not bleach, do not dry clean
Hang dry away from the sun
Iron on medium heat

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